The Meaning of Pearls and Its Symbols

The Meaning of Pearls and Its Symbols

The Gift of Nature - Pearl

One type of jewelry made on Earth through biological means is the pearl. When an oyster or other shellfish's soft body is stimulated by something hard, it will secrete nacre and wrap it around the surface of the gravel to form shiny pearls. Not only can these pearls be worn as decorations, but they also have healing properties like crystals.

Symbol of Purity
The pearl symbolizes purity and peace, especially in ancient oriental culture. Its perfectly round shape and gentle luster remind people of the power of nature. Wearing a natural seawater pearl is a symbol of wealth and status because they require expensive labor to mine.

What is the meaning of pearls?
White pearls are the most popular among buyers. They represent innocence, purity, and fidelity. Necklaces or bracelets made of pearls of this color can highlight your sincere personality.

Golden pearls are extremely rare and can only be found in the waters surrounding Indonesia. It has a luster like silk. If you are a person who pursues a perfect life and high-quality clothing, this color should be your first choice.

The color of pink pearls can vary from light pink to purple. Compared with white, their color gamut is easier to distinguish. Such gentle colors also represent loving, generous, and kind qualities in women.

What are the benefits of wearing pearl accessories?
Pearls can cleanse your aura, cultivate your inner light, and elevate your mood. It is said that seawater pearl beads absorb the essence of moonlight and the power of the sea and have a remarkable calming effect.




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